‘Japie Pieter Minckelers’ commonly abbreviated as ‘Japie’, is the study association for the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Japie has the goal to strengthen the education at our department by giving the students the opportunity to give their feedback, provide recreational activities for its members and give the members the chance to develop themselves by organizing several events. Japie also focuses on preparing its members for their professional career by visits to industries and organizing lectures from the chemical companies.

For more information:- https://www.tsvjapie.nl/


Octave Levenspeil is an association of Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng.) trainees in Process and Product Design (PPD).  PPD is a post Master program offered by the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology and  enables the trainees to meet the expectations of high tech industries as a Process Engineer. The main purpose of the association is to build a pleasant working atmosphere by facilitating the interaction among international trainees for an easy integration through various events.

For more information:- https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/pdeng-process-and-product-design/