Japie- Octave Symposium Committee 2018


My name is Maxime van der Heijden and I am a master student Chemical Engineering, specialized in molecular systems and materials, at Eindhoven University of Technology. As the chairman of the committee, I am responsible for efficient meetings, good communication and the overall planning of the symposium. It is really interesting to be the chairman of our multicultural committee with multiple opinions and views on sustainability. These help us to organize a diverse and interesting symposium. Sustainability is a very important topic for me, especially because it concerns our future, and I am very pleased that we can organize our symposium about sustainability in the chemical industry. In our industry we can contribute a lot to a more sustainable planet. That is why this symposium is a perfect opportunity to learn about various sustainable projects, ideas and solutions in our industry. I am really looking forward to the 5th of October and I hope to see you all there!


I am a Professional Doctorate in Engineering Trainee (PDEng) - Process and Product Design - Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology. I like process design and optimization based EPC working projects, that’s why I joined TU/e to gain Technical industrial related experience, since TU/e is the Rank 1 University worldwide that have industrial related applicable projects. The symposium sustainability theme is the motive for me to work in the secretary position for the committee. The secretary position duties as agreed before gives you the chance to be updated with the activities entitled by every member and inform them with the agreed duties. Designing the symposium programme booklet was the most interesting activity through the whole year. After 8 months of meeting, holding 28 meetings we gained a lot of experience, skills and organizational capabilities. The collaboration among the members is one of the strongest point that drives the whole team towards the goal. Brainstorming was very professional and agreement among the whole decisions taken was achieved. The flexibility of all committee members to play and exchange all the roles inside the team is one of the biggest strength among the committee


My name is Roos Krösschell and I am a master student Chemical Engineering at TU/e. In the program, I learn about industrial processes and how to produce certain materials. Since I think we have to take good care of the resources that are available on earth as well as the environment, recycling and sustainability are important topics to think about as a (future) process engineer. I am looking forward to the possibility to hear different perspectives on this topic from people who have gained a lot of experience in this area. As the treasurer of the committee, I am responsible for the budget. As a committee member I also have to organize and communicate a lot, with various people. These tasks, as well as participating in a team, are both interesting and challenging tasks for me.

Coordinator- Public Relations & External affairs

My name is Joey Aarts, a master student Chemical Engineering at the TU/e, specialized in molecular systems and materials. I am born in Venlo (a city near de border with Germany), in this city I also did my pre-university education. After this, I started my bachelor in chemical engineering at the TU/e followed by my current master. During the organization of this symposium I fulfill the role of external affairs & public relations. I really do enjoy this since in the public relations part you can express a lot of your creativity and the external affairs part gets you into contact with various companies and instances. The topic of the symposium “sustainability in chemical industry” is currently a very hot topic. More people than ever are aware about sustainability and are realizing we need to change our way of living to provide a stable future. With this symposium, I therefore hope we can educate and inspire a new generation to provide us with a sustainable future for the chemical industry, and more important, a sustainable future for humanity itself.

Coordinator- Event Planning & Public Relations

I am a PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) trainee in Process and Product Design at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. My career goal is to encourage industries to go for environment friendly and economically viable decisions as a process development engineer. I am really glad to take the charge of event planning and public relations for the Japie- Octave Symposium 2018. It is a great opportunity to work in an international team and put a great theme- “Sustainability in Chemical Industry” on display. The experts from Academia and Industry will unleash the cutting edge approaches to meet the sustainability requirements at large scale through the innovative design, manufacture, processing, use and disposal of substances. This Symposium is in the right moment at the right place for the right people, It's You.