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Welcome to “Circularity: The New Shape of Chemistry”, a dynamic symposium organized by the study association of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology, ‘T.S.V. Jan Pieter Minckelers’.

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This student-driven event aims to bridge the perspectives of academia and industry, providing a platform for discussions on the latest developments and challenges within the field of circularity in the chemical industry.

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In an era marked by resource scarcity and the urgency of addressing climate change, the symposium is a ground for process engineers and molecular chemists to gather together to reckon circularity as an invaluable contribution to a more sustainable future.

Students and professionals alike are invited to immerse themselves in a day filled with expert speakers and enriching networking opportunities, delving into the significance of circular innovation in the modern chemical industry.

Email: symposium@tsvjapie.nl