Unraveling complexity across the scales for new and advanced materials

Molecules constitute the material world around us – both natural and synthetic. Understanding  complex molecular systems at the most fundamental level will enable us to shape the future of  materials science, energy, mobility, health, and even life itself. The science of complex molecular systems is therefore a major driving force for innovation and addressing our greatest industrial and societal challenges, as it promises the bottom-up design of new functional systems with tailored properties. This endeavour is at the heart of the research undertaken at the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS). ICMS pushes for scientific excellence by unifying our researchers and basic principles of chemistry, biomedical sciences, engineering, physics and mathematics. This inter-disciplinary approach is combined with a powerful toolbox of advanced analysis techniques that enable our researchers to not only analyze the structure of materials, but also discover how structure evolves under changing conditions over time. Jan van Hest (ICMS Scientific Director) will navigate you through how applying this approach to fascinating scientific challenges opens the door to the design of the next generation of “smart” and advanced materials.