About us


My name is Lisa Cattenstart and I am a student Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, specialized in molecular systems and materials at Eindhoven University of Technology. Outside of my studies I enjoy watching movies and chatting with my friends. As
the chairman my task is to stay informed on what everyone is doing, make the planning and ensure the meetings are efficient. Since I do not have experience with working in a committee, I hope to learn a lot!

Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale, is particularly interesting for me, because it involves biology, chemistry and physics. Our lives could be improved in many ways using nanotechnology. One of the fields that is particularly interesting is healthcare where the
implementation of nanotechnology could improve diagnostics and drug delivery for example. With this symposium we hope to inspire others to see how you can change the world on the smallest scale!


My name Sanne Van De Vorst, 19 years old, and at the moment I am a second year student biomedical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. Outside of my studies you can still find me at Scouting every saturday guiding the girls from 7 years up and teaching children how to ski, to do this I travel to Austria every winter holiday. I also love photography, reading and probably every extreme sport you can come up with.

As the public relations agent my job is to create the face of our symposium, this for example includes the logo, the flyers, the posters etc. I also handle our website and our social media platforms. As the youngest person in the committee I probably have the least experience but I am really looking forward to the time spent in this committee and all the new people I get to meet in the booming bussiness of Nanotechnology.


My name is Tom Bruining, I am 21 years old and currently doing my master in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry in the molecular systems & materials chemistry track. Outside of my studies, I spend most of my time working out, playing guitar, mandolin, and ukulele and more recently also building and repairing guitars.

Last year I had a lot of fun and learned a lot being part of the batavierenrace committee at Japie, which made me want to join another committee this year, this turned out to become the symposium committee. I think organizing this symposium is a great opportunity to improve my skills in the organization and communication around such an event. As the secretary my tasks include taking minutes during the meetings, managing the committee’s e-mail and taking care of the subscriptions for the symposium.


My name is Jo-Anne Ewald and I am 20 year old medical sciences and technology student at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In my spare time I enjoy cycling and working in a nursing home, which is a really grateful job. Nanotechnology is something I am interested in because it is a combination of chemistry, physics and biology. My goal is to increase people’s health, so people can live longer with a better health. Nanotechnology can be used in many different areas, including the medical field. It is bound to be able to increase the overall wellbeing many people. As treasurer I am responsible for running the treasury, so we are able to hold our symposium. I am looking forward to meet you at our Symposium!


Hey there! My name is Ruben Jetten, and I am the coordinator of external relations for this year’s symposium committee. I am originally from the city of Tiel in Gelderland, where I was born almost 20 years ago now. During primary school, I would often
share my fascination for chemistry with my class-mates and I even gave lessons to perform some fun experiments. Therefore, when I had to choose a study, it was no surprise I ended up at Chemical Engineering and Chemistry in Eindhoven. Currently, I have completed my Bachelor of Science and I am looking forward to  go
to my Master’s in Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry.

Aside from chemistry, I love to do some hobbies in my spare time. I am a great enthusiast of music: I can play the xylophone, the accordion and my biggest love is the piano! I love to compose my own songs and themes on the piano, which I regularly share with my friends. Additionally, I love to spend some time outdoors: I am a
big fan of gardening and I help to maintain a large community garden. Also I often take my dachshund Lisa out for a walkie.


Hi Everyone! My name is Werner Doensen and I am a 20 years old master student at the faculty of biochemical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. Every week, I spend my evenings as competitive swimmer, swimming instructor or live guard. On the remaining evenings I like to play table tennis or take my girlfriend out of a dance. Besides my hobbies, molecules, proteins and chemical reactions are very interesting to me, especially when they play a role inside the human body. With the knowledge I acquire as a student, and as a future engineer, I would like to assist in the development of present and future health care. I believe nanomaterials and nanotechnology gives us a lot of opportunities which help to achieve this goal. With this symposium we hope to inspire you about the possibilities to change the world on a scale which is too small to see.