Stichting Hoogewerff-Fonds

The foundation Stichting Hoogewerff-Fonds was set up in 1917 by Prof.dr. S. Hoogewerff, who at the time was one of the professors at the Technische Hogeschool, the Institute of Technology in Delft. The activities of Stichting Hoogewerff-Fonds lie in the field of chemical engineering in the Netherlands. The foundation stimulates and rewards scientific research and education inContinue reading “Stichting Hoogewerff-Fonds”

Rainer Haag

Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Functional polymer coatings for biointerface applications A new “adsorption-cross-linking” technology is presented to generate a highly dense polymer brush coating on various nonpolar substrates, including the most inert and low-energy surfaces of PDMS and PTFE. This prospective surface modification strategy is based on a tailored bifunctionalContinue reading “Rainer Haag”

Tanja Weil

Supramolecular Biomaterials – From Molecular Design to Biomedical Applications  Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Ackermannweg 10, 55128 Mainz, Germany, The extracellular matrix (EM) forms a complex, supportive environment for cells providing mechanical and biochemical cues, and enabling cells to communicate.(1) Evolution has created these unique heterogeneous matrices with inner structure and various functionalContinue reading “Tanja Weil”

Aspen Oss BV

Sustainability: from a more or less buzzword in the past to a fully integrated new lifestyle today. Sustainability certainly applies to our company. Aspen Oss produces Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and we are changing our traditional production to more sustainable production. Part of this transformation involves new technology such as waste (water) treatment, flow technologyContinue reading “Aspen Oss BV”


Unraveling complexity across the scales for new and advanced materials Molecules constitute the material world around us – both natural and synthetic. Understanding  complex molecular systems at the most fundamental level will enable us to shape the future of  materials science, energy, mobility, health, and even life itself. The science of complex molecular systems isContinue reading “ICMS”

Willem J.M. Mulder

Therapeutic regulation of innate immunity with nanobiologics Immunotherapy is revolutionizing the treatment of diseases. Most of the immunotherapy strategies currently being developed engage the adaptive immune system. In recent years, emerging evidence has shown that the innate immune system displays long-term changes in its functional program through metabolic and epigenetic programming of myeloid cells (monocytes,Continue reading “Willem J.M. Mulder”

Annelies Wauters

Artificial antigen-presenting cells for immunotherapy In immunotherapy a patient’s immune system is modulated to elicit an active or suppresive response. Current approaches are time-consuming, costly and involve patient invasive procedures. In addition, translation of novel immunotherapies towards the clinic remain limited due to too low efficacy and high systemic toxicity. Precision nanomedicines have high potentialContinue reading “Annelies Wauters”